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 P4thogen's Hitpoints Gained per Level Modifier

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Founder + Admin of GFX

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PostSubject: P4thogen's Hitpoints Gained per Level Modifier   Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:33 pm

Click here to View the Mod Page.

Modifies the amount of HP you receive per Levelup, determined by your Endurance.

This is a Tweak I made to give some variability in the maximum health value available to players without cheating. There are multiple Different Levels of this mod: 1x Normal Health Added, 5x Normal Health Added, 10x Normal Health Added, 20x Normal Health Added, and 50x Normal Health Added. This could be quite useful for those who find that you lose a lot more health than youd like to, when the game is on EASY, NORMAL, or HARD.

Cleaned with TESAME

Made by P4thogen
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P4thogen's Hitpoints Gained per Level Modifier
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